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ExpertCRM is a free real estate CRM platform offered by BellaRuby Company in the US.

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Case study


ExpertCRM is a free real estate CRM platform offered by BellaRuby Company in the US. The platform offers a wide range of features for realtors, including an entire real estate community website. However, the platform was not getting enough visibility and needed help with marketing and automation. RKWO was brought in to help.

Web development

RKWO helped with ad-hoc web development to streamline the user experience and make it easier for users to sign up for online courses and the CRM. This involved simplifying the flow and removing non-essential steps, in order to make the process more efficient.


RKWO helped with marketing efforts, particularly with SEO for key CRM and real-estate-related terms. This involved both on-site and off-site SEO strategies, in order to maximise efforts in the competitive CRM market.

A Google Ads campaign for YouTube ads was also set up by RKWO. These efforts were used to create brand awareness, which helped to increase the platform’s visibility and attract more users.

To add to the marketing efforts, RKWO also helped with strategising and automating email funnels to make the experience more targeted and personalised. This helped to increase user engagement and retention, as well as improve overall customer satisfaction.

Ongoing support

RKWO provided ongoing support to ensure that the platform continued to run smoothly and efficiently. This included regular maintenance and updates, as well as troubleshooting any issues that arose.


Thanks to RKWO’s efforts, ExpertCRM saw a significant increase in visibility and user engagement. The streamlined user experience and marketing efforts helped to attract more users to the platform. Additionally, the automation efforts led to improved customer satisfaction and retention.


RKWO’s expertise in web development, marketing, and automation helped to make significant improvements to ExpertCRM’s platform. Their ongoing support ensured that the platform continued to run smoothly, and their efforts led to improved customer satisfaction and increased user engagement.

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