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With our experienced team of UX designers and web developers, we provide high-quality web development services to help your project thrive.

Why choose RKWO

RKWO prides itself on providing bespoke services to meet our clients’ individual needs. Our team consists of highly skilled developers who provide excellent support and customer service.

We also offer competitive pro-rata pricing based on the services provided for each individual project.

SaaS development project

Matt Marshall
Founder of Music Mash

RKWO have done an excellent job in providing our startup with a bespoke website application, at a fraction of the cost quoted elsewhere.

With over 1,000 subscribers within the first year of launching the website, our website has now paid for itself four-times over.

CRM development project

Luke Kwok
CFO at HP Group

Our custom CRM platform has allowed us to streamline our admin and reduce the need for endless amounts of Excel files.

We now have one platform, which syncs all of our records and reports cohesively — allowing our teams to be more collaborative internally.

Our project approach

Every project, regardless of its bespoke qualities, is approached the same way from beginning to completion. This ensures that we maintain the same high standards from testing and research to the final deployment of the product.

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The most critical stage is the initial research of the project to understand your needs and requirements, learn about any potential APIs, and come up with a structural framework for the project with existing-data or migrations in mind.

Agile development strategies allow us to design, develop, and test the software, whilst applying your feedback every step of the way.

Deploying a project is only done once both parties feel it's time to go-live. Once live, support is still readily available, should it be required.

4,000 People actively use our products*
12 Custom web applications created

Our web applications

With an experienced team of UX designers and web developers, we build web applications which are used by everyday people, allowing them to be user-friendly and also scalable, as a project's user-base increases.

*Average data recorded as of 1st June, 2020.

Web design team meeting

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