Why choose RKWO for your company's web design

RKWO has a dedicated team of UX web designers and SEOs of which hold years of experience in working within dozens of industries.

Having a website designed by RKWO for your business not only provides a high-quality web design service but also an effective one. This is due to RKWO building projects with SEO in mind, from the get-go.

An experienced UK website design team

RKWO has an experienced team of website designers, developers and SEO based in the UK, helping to produce outstanding results for clients.

With the availability, reliability and technical ability, RKWO's team have; it allows the team to build well-designed, well-developed and well-optimised websites.

Recent web design projects

Exclusive Auctioneers

Bespoke high-end estate agency web design and branding.

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Jersey Design Co

Web design for a nationwide e-sports company.

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Training Tracked

Web design for an e-learning portal.

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DJ Matt Nash

Web design for a world-renowned DJ.

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What our clients have to say

We pride ourselves on excellent customer satisfaction and delivering outstanding results.

We also offer competitive pro-rata pricing based on the services provided for each individual project.

Bespoke eCommerce web design project

Giselle Horton
Pretty Little & Co

We hired RKWO to build us a fairly unorthodox eCommerce website for our company.

Not only did they delivered, but they have also been a superb company to work alongside with. We will continue to use their services throughout the coming years.

Custom WordPress redesign project

Rachel Fryer
MASS Relations

What an amazing team everyone at RKWO have been.

From the very start, they've been quick to reply to emails, provided high-quality results and excellent after-care too.

Extremely glad to have found them.

Our web design project process

  • Research & Quote

    Our team of designers and developers will need to understand every single aspect of your web design project before providing you with an accurate quote.

    This will involve research into:

    • Any current website (i.e. a redesign project)
    • Any web application requirements
    • Any brand guidelines you have for the design
    • Any inspiration you have for the design
  • Concept design

    After the research phase, our designers will begin to produce a concept based on our research notes and guidance you have given in terms of design inspiration.

    Once this concept is approved for development by yourself, the development phase can begin.

    In the meantime, whilst our developers are starting to build the initial concept into a functioning website, our designers will continue to work on designs for any other page layouts required, whilst still keeping in mind your feedback and approval.

  • Approved concept's development

    Throughout the development phase, our team will work in an Agile approach, whilst continually asking for your feedback and input where appropriate.

  • Quality assurance testing

    Once the development phase has been completed, our team will rigorously test the website for quality assurance in order to iron out any bugs and UX tweaks which may be appropriate.

  • Risk management

    Risk management for custom web design projects involves us taking you through security measures we've added in place, in order for you you to update any privacy policies and GDPR policies accordingly.

    Please note, as we're not trained in practising law, we can not help you or provide you with any legal advice. However, we can try to implement any procedures you need in place.

    Risk management for web design projects also involves assessing any risks for when handling data (i.e. loss of data, etc.) Therefore, risk assessments are taken out in order to provide you with a full understanding of the risks involved.

  • Training & Support

    Once the project has been completed, we can train both you and your team on how to use the content management system accordingly.

    For further development of the project, support and aftercare options are also available.

  • SEO & Digital marketing

    If you don't already have a strategy for SEO and digital marketing, we can provide our expertise on this too.

    All of our websites are built with SEO in mind, therefore, in order to optimise your website further, we can help with this by providing both on-site and off-site SEO services.

    As for digital marketing, we can help implement Facebook Pixels, Mailchimp forms and a whole other array of digital marketing services you may need.

How are website redesign projects handled

Website redesign projects at RKWO are quoted in various ways.

An assessment is carried out before each quote is undertaken, which assesses the following factors:

  • Assessing he current buld type (which platform or programming languages are being used)
  • Assessing he current URL structure and if the new website can maintain this (for SEO purposes)
  • Assessing if there's any content to migrate and if exporting is available
  • Assessing if there's any APIs to migrate

Once assessed, RKWO will help to outline any risk assessments to consider and also how these will impact your quote.

How is SEO for web design projects handled

Each website built by RKWO is assessed by an in-house technical SEO manager from the very start, all the way up until the end.

These SEO assesments help to ensure that:

  • Certain meta tags get placed onto the website
  • URLs and their structures are SEO friendly
  • All the pages follow optimised coding practices in accordance with W3 web standards, wherever possible

How much does custom web design cost

The cost of a web design project can vary based on the following:

  • The type of web design and how many pages it may consist of
  • Any type of web applications required which need to be intergrated
  • If it's a website redesign, as existing SEO and data migrations need to be considered
  • Any further SEO or digital marketing strategies to implement

Therefore, given that web designs projects tend to be flexible based on requirements, our competitive pro-rata pricing structure matches this too.

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