Why choose RKWO for your web application development

We develop web applications which yield outstanding results for our clients and we continue to help support them even after project completion.

Furthermore, with having expertise in working within the start-up industry, we're able to provide flexible pricing options to best suit all budgets.

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Different types of web applications

  • Intranet web applications

    Intranet web applications are used by businesses internally (i.e. have restricted access).

    Common uses of intranet web applications are to allow businesses to manage data, report data or perhaps automate data — all online.

    For example, as a business, you may find yourself having multiple Excel files which get passed around through employees in order to update, one at a time. However, internal web applications such as custom CRMs are developed to solve this — allowing multiple people to access and update the data through a private web application, in a more organised way.

  • Public-facing web applications

    Public-facing web applications are those of which the public can use online.

    The reason that they are public is that they rely on the public to visit them for them to operate.

    These types of web applications may provide dynamic data to visitors (for example, listing websites), have user registration functionalities or even work as a subscription-based website (for example, a SaaS application).

SaaS solutions
MVP solutions
Listing portal solutions

How are custom web applications developed

Depending on the budget and flexibility required within your development project, we can offer numerous development options and services.

A lot of start-ups favour WordPress-based web applications, as not only no they save costs but they are also heavily customisable and easy to use from a UX point-of-view.

Our web application project process

  • Research & Quote

    Our team of designers and developers will need to understand every single aspect of your web application project before providing you with an accurate quote.

    This will involve research into any current solutions, APIs (if applicable) and an outline on how we plan to tackle such development project for you.

  • Design & Development

    Throughout the design and development phase, our team will work in an Agile approach, whilst continually asking for your feedback and input where appropriate.

  • Quality assurance testing

    Once the development phase has been completed, our team will rigorously test the web application for quality assurance in order to iron out any bugs and UX tweaks which may be appropriate.

    This will also give you a further chance to test the system and understand the UX, in order to provide our team with further feedback.

  • Risk management

    Risk management for custom web application projects involves us taking you through security measures we've added in place, in order for you you to update any privacy policies and GDPR policies accordingly.

    Please note, as we're not trained in practising law, we can not help you or provide you with any legal advice. However, we can try to implement any procedures you need in place.

    Risk management for web application projects also involves assessing any risks for when handling data (i.e. loss of data, etc.) Therefore, risk assessments are taken out in order to provide you with a full understanding of the risks involved.

  • Training & Support

    Once the project has been completed, we can train both you and your team on how to use the system accordingly.

    For further development of the project, support and aftercare options are also available.

  • SEO & Digital marketing

    If you don't already have a strategy for SEO and digital marketing, we can provide our expertise on this too.

    All of our web applications are built with SEO in mind, therefore, in order to optimise your web application further, we can help with this by providing both on-site and off-site SEO services.

    As for digital marketing, we can help implement Facebook Pixels, Mailchimp forms and a whole other array of digital marketing services you may need.

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How much does a custom web application cost

The cost of a web application project can vary based on the following:

  • The web application's idea itself and how long it would take to develop
  • Any API integrations involved
  • Any data-migrations involved
  • Any SEO or digital marketing strategies to implement

Therefore, given that web applications are very flexible, our competitive pro-rata pricing structure matches this too.

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