Case study

Trail Sisters

The challenge

Trail Sisters is a heavily used nationwide US website, built in a WordPress ecosystem. The website has a lot of active users and user requirements, however, finds itself tied into constraints by platform limitations that limit user functionality.

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The solution

The solution for this outcome was divided into 2 lots; better user interfaces (UI) and extending platform functionality.

Lot 1

UI improvements

  • Enhanced predefined platform elements, in order to become more on-brand and better adhere to brand guidelines
  • Ensured that elements worked well on mobile devices, as well as desktop
  • Better labeled front-end elements with relevant terminology, in order to allow users to better understand each element
Lot 2

Extending platform functionality

  • Extended the way users were notified about upcoming trail events using push notifications, both via the mobile app and website
  • Extended existing platform APIs, to allow more defined communication throughout the WordPress ecosystem
  • Added functionality to allow multiple softwares to interact with each other, upon specific user-activated triggers

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