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Trail Sisters

Trail Sisters

Trail Sisters is a nationwide US website that provides a platform for women hikers to connect, plan hikes, and share their experiences.

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Case study


Trail Sisters is a nationwide US website that provides a platform for women hikers to connect, plan hikes, and share their experiences. The website was built in a WordPress ecosystem and had a large number of active users. However, the platform had limitations that prevented users from accessing certain functionalities. RKWO was hired to improve the website’s user experience and develop new features that would enhance user engagement.

Web development

RKWO began by enhancing predefined platform elements to ensure better adherence to Trail Sisters’ brand guidelines. This involved customizing the design of the website to make it more on-brand and user-friendly. They also made sure that all the elements worked well on mobile devices and desktops, making the website more accessible to users.

RKWO then extended the way users were notified about upcoming hiking events by integrating push notifications on both the mobile app and website. This allowed Trail Sisters to engage more closely with their users and enhance their user experience.

RKWO also extended the existing platform APIs, allowing more defined communication throughout the WordPress ecosystem. This made it easier for users to connect with each other, plan hikes, and share experiences.

In addition, RKWO added functionality to allow multiple software to interact with each other upon specific user-activated triggers. This further enhanced the user experience and made the website more user-friendly.

Ongoing support

Ongoing support is an important aspect of any successful web development project. After the initial project is completed, it is important to ensure that the website continues to run smoothly and effectively. In the case of Trail Sisters, RKWO provided ongoing support on an ad-hoc basis, allowing for server performance enhancements, ongoing web development, and strategy calls.

As part of the ongoing support, RKWO worked to identify and address any issues that arose on the website, including performance issues or technical bugs. The team worked closely with Trail Sisters to provide prompt and effective solutions to any problems that arose, ensuring that the website continued to run smoothly and effectively.

In addition to technical support, RKWO also provided ongoing web development to ensure that the website continued to meet the needs of Trail Sisters and its users. This included developing new features or functionality as needed, as well as making updates or improvements to existing features to improve user experience.

Furthermore, RKWO provided strategy calls with Trail Sisters to help them identify new opportunities for growth and improvement. These calls allowed the team to discuss new ideas and strategies for the website, ensuring that Trail Sisters continued to stay ahead of the curve and provide a valuable resource to its users.

Overall, the ongoing support provided by RKWO was instrumental in ensuring the long-term success of Trail Sisters’ website. By working closely with the team and providing prompt, effective support, RKWO helped Trail Sisters to continue to grow and evolve, providing a valuable resource to its users for years to come.


RKWO’s web development efforts led to significant improvements in the website’s user experience. The website’s usability and accessibility were greatly enhanced, allowing users to navigate the platform more easily. The push notification feature also resulted in higher user engagement, with more users attending hikes and sharing their experiences.


By enhancing predefined platform elements, integrating push notifications, extending platform APIs, and adding new functionality, RKWO was able to greatly enhance Trail Sisters’ user experience. This resulted in increased user engagement and better connectivity among users. Trail Sisters was able to improve its platform’s capabilities and better serve its user base.

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