Benefits of a bespoke online quotation builder solution

With a bespoke online quotation solution, you're no longer limited to fitting ready-made solutions around your business. Instead, you're able to fit bespoke systems directly into your business.

  • Fewer limitations than off-the-shelf solutions
  • Customise the flow of your system, entirely
  • Whitelabel the booking process
  • Generate branded email reminders and confirmations
  • Better integrate with marketing and APIs

Why choose RKWO for your whitelabel quote builder solution

Companies in multiple industries have benefited from our quote builder solutions.

Typically, our quotation solutions work best for B2C companies such as dental practices, storage facilities, car dealerships, energy provides and many more.

Quote builder project

Ryan Ilford
Director of Store More

Buying storage space has never been this easy. RKWO have really helped us change the game in our industry.

With the hard work they've done on our website, we're now able to cut down our day-to-day admin tasks by half, which has been great in the measurement of ROI.

Quote builder project

Srishti Kapps
Director of Glendale House Clinic

The solution RKWO has supplied to our website has really helped to make it a lot clearer for our patients enquiring about our dental services.

It was also important to us that we continue adding services to our solution and RKWO have done a good job to accommodate our requirements.

Types of quote builder solutions

  • Instant quote solutions

    Instant quotes are those that aggregate multiple data points and provide an instant quotation for the customer, based on the data the customer has supplied.

    This type of quotation solution typically streamline a large number of admin tasks by reducing the need for manual communication between the business admins and customer.

  • Data capture quote solutions

    For those more complex quotes, such as web development quote, for example; it's not always possible to provide an exact quote without having a formal meeting with the customer.

    With that said, this type of quotation solution can work similarly to an instant quote builder. However, it simply excludes any pricing shown to the customer directly.

  • A mix of both

    Companies who prefer to call their customers directly to provide a quotation can still benefit from a quote building solution.

    Some companies who use our solutions tend to want a data capture solution for when their business is open and an instant quote solution for when their business is closed.

    This is due to businesses wanting to call their customers directly in order to provide prices and flexibility. However, not wanting to miss an opportunity to provide prices after-hours too.

Quote builder website development

How much does a custom quotation solution cost

The cost of a custom quotation solution project can vary based on the following:

  • The amount of steps required to reach a quotation
  • The amount of quotes required to calculate based on aggregated data points
  • Any automation to include in terms of emails and marketing
  • Any API integrations involved

Therefore, given that quotation solutions are very flexible, our competitive pro-rata pricing structure matches this too.

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