Online consultation solution

Why invest in an online consultation solution

Pandemics such as Covid-19 have caused major impacts on the everyday management of medical practices.

With an increase in patient enquiries and the need for more triaging and symptom management, it is easy for a clinic to be unable to meet the demands of patients.

With our online medical consultation solutions, patients can now sign in, find information for their general enquiries, and list their symptoms – increasing the efficiency of the medical practice

Why custom consultation solutions are best

Custom-developed online consultation solutions can allow you to build every step of your patient's journey, just the way your medical practice already operates.

With bespoke development, every customisation from scheduling, remarketing and bookkeeping can be integrated within a custom-developed solution.

What our clients say

The online consultation tool that we developed for CKR group (a private medical group) has helped them by:

  • Reducing hundreds of man-hours per-month
  • A faster patient waiting-time on average
  • A more flexible system for GPs to manage
  • An increase of revenue due to remarketing

Frequently asked questions

  • Can medical consultation solutions be used outside the use of a GP practice?

    Yes, the solutions we develop are custom and every project is started from a blank development environment.

    Whether you're a medical clinic, private healthcare group or dental practice, when we develop solutions for your practice, it's bespoke to the services you require it for.

  • How customisable are the solutions you produce?

    As all solutions are produced custom, we're able to integrate most APIs and functionalities within it.

    Even if the online project has been completed and made live, we're able to still expand the desired changes within it.

  • How much do medical consultation solutions cost?

    All of our pricing is done on a competitive pro-rata basis. As each web application project is different, our pricing reflects this too.

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