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Why invest in an LMS website

If the primary focus of your business is to educate, train, coach or certify students, then having an LMS website can be extremely beneficial to you.

With lots of possibilities such as gamification, payment-based memberships, digital certifications and various automation, LMS solutions can just about allow you to achieve anything.

RKWO's featured LMS solution project

RKWO worked on an LMS solution project for a world-renowned musician, DJ Matt Nash.

This LMS system allowed DJ Matt Nash to not only incorporate elements of his current website and branding, but also a level of automation which allowed him to make the entire marketing and sign-up process easier.

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How do online learning solutions work

Our online learning systems are web-based solutions, meaning students can log in from a website, allowing them to have the best accessibility from anywhere.

Generally, LMS websites allow three levels of access; administrators, teachers and students — all having different capabilities in a hierarchy order.

However, LMS websites can be extremely customised, therefore, their user-flow can change depending on your requirements.

Frequently asked questions

  • What does LMS stand for?

    LMS means Learning Management System.

    Usually, an LMS is an online system which allows teachers to assign students with learning materials, training and quizzes for them to chronologically complete.

  • Can your solution accommodate a signup or paywall?

    Yes, the LMS solution can either be free to access, sign-up to access, pay to access and even a combination of them all.

  • How much does an LMS web design cost?

    All of our pricing is done on a competitive pro-rata basis. As each web design and web application project is different, our pricing reflects this too.

  • Is there a monthly or ongoing fee with your LMS solutions?

    Unlike most web development companies, we don't have any ongoing fees. Meaning, once you've paid for your website, you're free to use it without any ongoing fee.

    RKWO does offer website support plans and web hosting, however, buying these through RKWO is optional and is not a part of the overall LMS solution.

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