Why choose a bespoke CRM development solution

A custom CRM developed for your business allows you to better integrate parts of your business, than those CRMs which are supplied as out of the box solutions.

Not only are you able to integrate other cornerstones of your business within the CRM system, however, you're also able to constantly develop the CRM as your business evolves too.

Benefits a custom CRM software can bring

Having a custom developed CRM software can bring numerous benefits for your business:

  • Streamline admin time and costs through automated process workflows
  • Ability to integrate APIs
  • Can have the flexibility to evolve as the business evolves too
  • A clearer & cleaner user experience

What customers say about our custom CRM solutions

We pride ourselves on excellent customer satisfaction and delivering outstanding results.

We also offer competitive pro-rata pricing based on the services provided for each individual project.

WordPress CRM project

Kate Watson
CEO of LP Surveyors

RKWO provided us with an array of different CRM development options, whilst explaining how and why certain options can best work with our budget.

Laravel CRM project

Sophie Kimberlee
Founder of Krups

The team at RKWO have been excellent at delivering our custom CRM. Not only whilst they built the CRM system but also the support they've provided after has really helped our business.

Rebekah R Jones
Rebekah R J.
16:06 06 Oct 21
High quality work created efficiently and quickly with every attention to detail addressed. Really impressed with their level of knowledge and care that they throw at every project. I keep coming back for a reason and highly recommend!
Posted Sweets
Posted S.
13:43 13 Sep 21
Highly Recommend, honest, trustworthy and very knowledgeable
Jordan Jay
Jordan J.
15:52 02 Sep 21
Thanks for helping our company with our Google Ads setup. We've have been getting good results from the continuous Google Ads management you provide.
Imran Nanlawala
Imran N.
20:41 22 Aug 21
The entire RKWO team is professional and a offer great service at excellent value. Most of our work requirements are last minute, and they have never disappointed. More, they offer honest and transparent feedback/advice, and I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for web design/development work.
Alan Baker
Alan B.
12:12 21 Aug 21
These guys have been great!Whilst other companies have had to reduce staffing and hours during the pandemic, we’ve turned to RKWO to help us navigate urgent website change of which they’ve been able to fully accommodate in record times.Would recommend to anyone who’s looking for a professional web design company and is looking for quick turnaround times without any issues.
Johann Berby Université GROOVE LIKE A PIG
Johann Berby Université GROOVE LIKE A P.
22:00 20 Aug 21
If you are serious about a collaboration with a team of dev, I highly recommend you to collaborate with the Team RKWO.Awesome job. Thanks guys.
Risepage Inc
Risepage I.
18:13 15 Aug 21
RKWO is an absolute pleasure to work with and they go above and beyond to perform the highest quality service possible. Highly recommended!
Amiee Bryett
Amiee B.
12:59 16 Jul 21
Simply fantastic - Raj and his team are so responsive and have the best customer service ethic. My website result is better than I had possibly imagined and Raj and his team are constantly looking at ways they can make it better. I would fully recommend this company !
Manu Antony
Manu A.
14:42 30 Dec 20
I've had some pretty shocking experiences with other web design companies in the past. However, this agency in London has been superb to work with.I initially contacted RKWO's London branch mid-August, in regards to getting my website remade after a previous web design company did a shocking job. Raj at RKWO was very good at working out what went wrong with my previous website and provided me with the right advice on how it could've been improved.I'm a pretty thorough person, so I did my due diligence with looking at other web design companies in the London area, but none of them offered the same level of advice that Raj initially supplied me with. Instead, a lot of these companies tried to charge me for their initial website audits (which is something RKWO did not charge for).After looking at a few more samples of RKWO's work, I decided to go-ahead, and I've not looked back since.My new website is perfect for what I'm trying to get across, and it's had really good feedback from my existing customer base too.I'm excited to see where this takes me and will definitely be working with Raj and his team again, they really do go above and beyond.
Kate McDonald
Kate M.
21:46 27 Dec 20
Amazing service! I reached out quite randomly for a small website domain change and to get help speeding up my site. They were just wonderful to work with. They went above and beyond the simple domain change request. My site is speedy and I really look forward to working with them in the future to continue building the site I envision!
Samuel Forbes
Samuel F.
13:34 23 Aug 20
The whole team at RKWO have been incredibly helpful from the get-go. Providing not only an excellent complete website to us, but support after the completion too.We'll be definitely using their services again in both the near future and for years to come.

What bespoke CRM development involves

  • Research & Quote

    When taking on a custom CRM development project, we will need to understand every aspect of the CRM, in order to provide you with the most accurate quote.

    This includes API integrations, bespoke fields including their functionalities, data migrations and any future development scopes which may impact the development process (the way the CRM will be built).

  • Design & Development

    When developing the CRM, we use an Agile approach, starting with design and then development.

    Throughout this design and development process, we will constantly be asking for input and feedback from you, in order to make sure that all KPIs are met.

  • Quality assurance testing

    Once the development stage of the CRM has been completed, we will go through rigorous quality assurance testing phases, in order to ensure that everything aligns with the scope of the project.

    Whilst this is happening, you are also given a further chance to familiarise yourself with the CRM and its UX too, in order to provide us with further feedback.

  • Data migration

    If data migration (for example, importing data from any previous CRM system) has been quoted as part of the project's scope, we will get started on providing a solution for this (usually in the form of a CSV file to import).

    It's important that we're aware of any plans for data migration within the research phase of the project, as this gives us a better chance to complete the project's deadline with data migration in mind.

  • Risk management

    Risk management for custom CRM software involves us taking you through security measures we've added in place, in order for you you to update any privacy policies and GDPR policies accordingly.

    Please note, as we're not trained in practising law, we can not help you or provide you with any legal advice. However, we can try to implement any procedures you need in place.

    Risk management for CRM software also involves assessing any risks for when handling data (i.e. loss of data, etc.) Therefore, risk assessments are taken out in order to provide you with a full understanding of the risks involved.

  • Training & Support

    After the CRM project has been completed and fully deployed, we're able to offer both you and your team training on how to use your custom CRM solution.

    Should you require any further updates to the system, support packages are also available.

Custom CRM report
Raj from RKWO

How much does a custom CRM software cost

The cost of a custom CRM project can vary based on various options.

  • The system's bespoke fields including their functionalities
  • The system's flexibility and scalability
  • Any API integrations involved
  • Any data-migrations involved

Therefore, our pricing is based on a competitive pro-rata basis, as each project can be vastly different.

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