Why choose a bespoke compliance management system

Custom compliance management solutions allow your business to regulate, log and stay compliant in all of the compliance checks of your business, whilst also automating process workflows too.

If your business handles multiple projects and has multiple employees checking for specific compliance checks, an all-in-one online compliance management solution could be beneficial, as it could potentially help you log, manage and automate process workflows specific for your business — all within one system.

What our customers say about our compliance management solutions

At RKWO, we've worked on custom compliance management solutions for multiple compliance-based industries; ranging from facility management, construction, automotive and the healthcare industry.

We also offer competitive pro-rata pricing based on the services provided for each individual project.

Laravel FMS project

Ian Slattery
Director of Hillford FMS

By using multiple ineffective compliance management tools in the past, RKWO have shown our company that we can save a lot more time and money through a custom developed system instead.

Having a custom designed system caters to our every need, which makes it all the more effective.

WordPress EMS project

Eva Remlova
Director of GB Check

The team at RKWO did a wonderful job on creating our compliance management software.

The transition from our old software has been seamless, as the team at RKWO were able to help migrate all of our existing data across accordingly.

Benefits of a custom compliance management solution

  • An all-in-one online solution

    A custom compliance management solution allows you to specify every aspect of your business to be integrated within one solution.

    For example, a facility management solution may need to manage their facilities, facility check-ins, compliance checks and document logs, which could all be built within one compliance management system, rather than using multiple tools.

  • Automated process workflows

    As all of our solutions are built custom for your business, we're able to automate mundane tasks and time-consuming process workflows, all within the solution itself.

    Not only does this help save both time and money, but also avoids the room for human error — making compliance systems more accurate.

  • Multiple levels of access within a single system

    Companies which operate in compliance management practises often have a lot of different employees or contractors working for them.

    Based on your solution's requirements, the system could include a user management solution, which enables or disables specific access to certain parts of the system, so that everything handled through one solution.

  • Third-party integrations for data consolidation

    As part of the automation within the system, APIs which you may use on a daily basis could be integrated within the solution.

    These APIs could be to help to consolidate data or even automate process workflows.

Designing a website

How much do custom compliance solutions cost

The cost of a custom compliance management solution can vary based on various options.

  • The system's bespoke fields including their functionalities
  • The system's flexibility and scalability
  • Any API integrations involved
  • Any data-migrations involved

Therefore, our pricing is based on a competitive pro-rata basis, as each project can be vastly different.

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