Benefits of bespoke online booking solutions

With bespoke online booking solutions, you're no longer limited to fitting ready-made solutions around your business. Instead, you're able to fit bespoke systems directly into your business.

  • Less limitations than off-the-shelf solutions
  • Customise the flow of your system, enitly
  • Whitelable the booking process
  • Generate branded email reminders and confirations
  • Better integrate with marketing and APIs

Types of bespoke online booking solutions

  • Reservation booking solutions

    In traditional reservation booking solutions, there is a common process of asking the customer to select their party size, then their date and time and then finally enter their contact details.

    Whilst traditional reservation booking solutions might just work for businesses, with custom reservation booking solutions, you're able to not only customise the traditional process but also customise what happens next.

    For example, you could automate emails getting sent to the customer or perhaps automate the removal of the selected availability on third-party applications through their APIs. Allowing you to cut down on mundane manual tasks, which could even lead to human errors if not done right.

    This style of solution is usually subtable for restaurants, hotels, gyms and spas.

  • Appointment scheduling solutions

    Traditional appointment scheduling solutions are slightly different from reservation booking solutions, as the main goal is to capture the customer's data.

    With custom appointment scheduling solutions, there are technologies such as filling forms with LinkedIn (which automate and verify forms), as well as half-sign-up submissions (a partial data-capturing process, where the customer fills half a form but then exits the website).

    This style of solution is usually suitable for B2B companies.

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Why choose RKWO for your whitelabel booking solution

Whilst working in many booking-related industries; such as restaurants, hotels, gyms, spas and scheduling-based businesses, the team at RKWO have the expertise and experience in order to provide a well-thought-out and professional solution.

Bespoke booking software project

Lisa Charlton
COO at The Villager

Such a thorough experience, that we even learned things about or own company when working with RKWO.

Based on evidence-backed data, we now have an effective service which allows our guests to book for our restaurants, gyms and other hotel facilities online, all within one system.

Custom appointment scheduling project

Olivia Finch
Co-founder of TMK

RKWO have provided us with a new solution that solves all of our appointment scheduling problems which we've had in the past.

With new technologies and fantastic UX designers, the whole team has done a fantastic job in order to improve appointment scheduling at TMK

Amiee Bryett
Amiee B.
12:59 16 Jul 21
Simply fantastic - Raj and his team are so responsive and have the best customer service ethic. My website result is better than I had possibly imagined and Raj and his team are constantly looking at ways they can make it better. I would fully recommend this company !
Michelle Cheung
Michelle C.
00:37 08 Mar 21
Very professional and friendly. They helped me seamlessly migrate my website to a different platform and ensure everything was SEO optimised.
Manu Antony
Manu A.
14:42 30 Dec 20
I've had some pretty shocking experiences with other web design companies in the past. However, this agency in London has been superb to work with.I initially contacted RKWO's London branch mid-August, in regards to getting my website remade after a previous web design company did a shocking job. Raj at RKWO was very good at working out what went wrong with my previous website and provided me with the right advice on how it could've been improved.I'm a pretty thorough person, so I did my due diligence with looking at other web design companies in the London area, but none of them offered the same level of advice that Raj initially supplied me with. Instead, a lot of these companies tried to charge me for their initial website audits (which is something RKWO did not charge for).After looking at a few more samples of RKWO's work, I decided to go-ahead, and I've not looked back since.My new website is perfect for what I'm trying to get across, and it's had really good feedback from my existing customer base too.I'm excited to see where this takes me and will definitely be working with Raj and his team again, they really do go above and beyond.
Kate McDonald
Kate M.
21:46 27 Dec 20
Amazing service! I reached out quite randomly for a small website domain change and to get help speeding up my site. They were just wonderful to work with. They went above and beyond the simple domain change request. My site is speedy and I really look forward to working with them in the future to continue building the site I envision!
Samuel Forbes
Samuel F.
13:34 23 Aug 20
The whole team at RKWO have been incredibly helpful from the get-go. Providing not only an excellent complete website to us, but support after the completion too.We'll be definitely using their services again in both the near future and for years to come.

How much do custom booking solutions cost

The cost of a custom booking solution can vary based on various options.

  • The use of the booking solution itself
  • How long it would take to develop
  • Any API integrations involved

Therefore, given that our booking solution development approaches can be very flexible, our competitive pro-rate pricing structure matches this too.

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