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Intelligent Change Solutions

Intelligent Change Solutions

Intelligent Change Solutions is a German training company that provides business coaching, business training, and business facilitation.

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Case study


Intelligent Change Solutions is a German training company that provides business coaching, business training, and business facilitation. They reached out to RKWO for assistance in their web development needs. The company already had a WordPress site, but they needed to improve it to better serve their clients and meet their business goals.

Web development

RKWO began by developing custom functionalities inside the WordPress site. This helped improve the site’s usability and resolve third-party conflicts and bugs through the already-developed website.

Furthermore, RKWO also helped to separate the Intelligent Change Solutions website into two sites: a marketing site and an e-learning platform. The marketing site was designed to showcase the company’s services and promote its brand. At the same time, the e-learning platform was built using LearnDash and BuddyBoss to provide students with access to online courses and learning materials.

This separation had several benefits. By separating the two sites, RKWO was able to optimise each platform individually for its specific purpose, resulting in faster page load times and reduced server load. Ultimately, this helped to result in an increase in engagement and higher levels of student satisfaction.

Migration of data

In addition to separating the sites, RKWO also helped to migrate data from one to another. This involved transferring all user data, including course progress and completion data, as well as any other relevant information to the new platform.

A plan was outlined beforehand by RKWO and discussed with key stakeholders at Intelligent Change Solutions, in order to ensure a smoother migration. Therefore, resulting in successful migration with no data loss and minimal downtime.


As part of the project, RKWO were tasked to help maintain Gemany’s privacy guidelines and compliance rules by implementing specific actions provided by Intelligent Change Solution, in order for them to stay compliant online.

These compliance procedures included sourcing local German-based servers for web hosting, ensuring there were no leeks of data being stored worldwide by the use of content-delivery networks and finally ensuring cookies were tracked correctly throughout the site.

Ongoing support

After the initial web development project, RKWO continued to provide ongoing support to Intelligent Change Solutions. This included security support to ensure the site was protected against any potential threats. Additionally, RKWO provided web development support to introduce new functionalities and further optimisations to the site.


Thanks to the assistance of RKWO, Intelligent Change Solutions was able to improve their WordPress site to better meet their client’s needs and business goals. The custom functionalities and site separation made the site more usable and accessible, while ongoing support ensured that the site remained secure and up-to-date.


Intelligent Change Solutions was extremely satisfied with the work done by RKWO. The improved WordPress site helped the company better serve their clients, improve usability, and achieve their business goals. The ongoing support provided by RKWO has also helped the company stay on top of any potential issues, ensuring that their site continues to perform at a high level.

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